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AAFES Invests $22 million to Revamp DC

DALLAS -- Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) plans to invest $22 million to upgrade the material handling system for its Dan Daniel distribution center, near Newport News, Virginia.

FKI Logistex, a Cincinnati-based provider of integrated material handling solutions, which developed the material handling systems for all four AAFES U.S. DCs -- and a previous upgrade to one -- will perform the upgrade.

Under the new contract, FKI Logistex will revamp the existing system at the Dan Daniel facility, originally installed in 1995. The project will include a state-of-the-art cross-docking system with eight incoming and 68 outgoing lanes, a UniSort XV high-speed shipping sorter, two vhswEDGE multi-lane high-speed merges, and 33,000 feet of photo-eye Accuglide accumulation conveyor.

To accommodate an expansion in the range of products distributed by AAFES, 34-inch-width conveyor will replace the existing 27-inch conveyor. The system upgrade will also include the addition of five-sided bar code scanning to provide redundancy.

Scheduled to begin installation in November 2005 and to be completed by fall 2006, the system will be implemented in phases while the distribution center remains in operation.

AAFES operates and supplies the PX and BX stores at U.S. Army and Air Force bases from a network of four U.S. distribution centers and seven overseas distribution centers.
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