85 percent of Moms to Holiday Shop at Supercenters

Discounts and budgets will set the tone for moms during the upcoming holiday season. A survey from the Marketing to Moms Coalition found that an overwhelming majority of mothers (85 percent) will again conduct their holiday shopping at supercenters or other mass merchandisers this year, a 2 percent decrease from last year’s numbers.

However, department stores and electronics stores did gain in popularity compared with 2008. Ten percent more (47 percent) moms will make holiday purchases at department stores, and 13 percent more (41 percent) will shop at electronics stores this year. Shoe stores decreased by 8 percent.

Online shopping will once again be a convenient option for moms this year. Sixteen percent plan to complete at least half of their shopping via the Internet, purchasing items such as toys (41 percent), clothing/clothing accessories (38 percent) and music/movies (34 percent).

Respondents reported an average gift budget of $672, which was similar to 2008 data. Top gift choices for teens included music/music electronics (28 percent), clothing (27 percent) and gift cards (23 percent). Moms of children aged 7 to 12 listed video games (30 percent), toys (29 percent) and books/clothing (28 percent) as their top choices. Toys (51 percent), clothing (29 percent) and books (26 percent) were popular for children under 7 years of age.

“The good news is that spending looks like it will at least be consistent, if not a tiny bit better this holiday compared to last year,” said Maria Bailey, founding member of the Chicago-based Marketing to Moms Coalition. “The big trends we see from moms are around toys, clothing and books as hot gifts for all age groups, while bigger-ticket items like computers and cell phones will likely decrease compared to last year’s holiday season.”
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