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7-Eleven Offers First American Mentholated Gum

DALLAS - 7-Eleven stores has introduced a new mentholated chewing gum that is the first of its kind in America.

"Europe, Asia and Latin America all have sold intense-flavored mentholated gum for many years," said Derek Schmitt, 7-Eleven's gum and candy manager. "The gum was especially popular among smokers dealing with chronic dry throats, and millions more suffering from cold, flu and allergy sore throat symptoms. Now, Americans can benefit from the same soothing relief of mentholated gum."

Fresh Air Gum is a mentholated, sugar-free gum that comes in two flavors, Mint Chill and Honey Lemon Chill. Fresh Air Gum has a flavor similar to mentholated cough and throat lozenges, according to 7-Eleven. A 12-piece twin-pack sells for 99 cents.

The idea for the gum began when a Dallas 7-Eleven executive noticed that a 7-Eleven store in Taiwan sold a mentholated gum that was not available in America. The store sold an average of 15 packs a day. By comparison, only two or three packs of any single gum are sold each day in a typical U.S. 7-Eleven store.

"We approached Ovalette Brands, of New Rochelle, N.Y., to develop a product exclusively for 7-Eleven," Schmitt said. "It took us a full year to get the flavor, name and packaging just right."
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