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7-Eleven Launches Atkins Controlled-Carb Products Line

DALLAS - 7-Eleven, the nation's leading convenience store chain, is launching a national awareness program, "Better Choices, Better Year," with Atkins controlled-carb products headlining an array of better-for-you offerings.

Almost 50 products offering a diversity of convenience snacks, food, and beverages catering to the many types of weight-management lifestyles, including controlled-carb, low-fat, low-calorie and high-protein, are being merchandised in a single section to show customers the variety of healthier choices available.

Half of the products are new to 7-Eleven, including 12 Atkins-brand items, like Atkins Bakery bread, Atkins Crunchers chips, Morning Start bars, and Advantage meal replacement bars and shakes.

"Atkins is long past being a fad," said Kenneth Fries, 7-Eleven category manager for snacks. "What first was considered a fad and then a trend has now crossed over to become a lifestyle for millions of people. An estimated 25-30 million are following some kind of low-carb weight-management program. Fortunately, now you can have your cake and bread, and eat it too."

7-Eleven says it has seen sales of nuts, cheese, and jerky climb as more people began looking for low-carb snacks. However, Fries said you won't see these items on the 7-Eleven "Better Choices" display.

"Everybody knows we sell jerky," he said. "What they may not know is that we also sell low-carb bread, soy chips, low-carb chocolate bars, high-protein cookies, fat-burning bars, low-cal meal replacement shakes, and diet supplements. That's what we're trying to get across to people. 7-Eleven has the products they want and need. We're more than just hot dogs and burritos."
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