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7-Eleven Implements Novadigm's e-wrap Technology

MAHWAH, N.J. - Novadigm Inc., provider of adaptive management solutions for software and content in enterprise and Internet environments, today announced that 7-Eleven Inc. has implemented Novadigm's e-wrap technology to automate the management of server-based software that powers retail systems in its chain of 5,300 U.S. convenience stores.

Novadigm's adaptive management solution enables 7-Eleven to rapidly change software-based retail services. This means that new services -- such as a sales promotion -- or an existing service -- such as the price of gasoline in a particular region -- can be deployed and changed quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively anywhere in 7-Eleven's nationwide network. In addition, Novadigm's solution is being used to manage the software driving 7-Eleven's innovative financial service kiosks in 95 trial locations in Florida and Texas. 7-Eleven's Vcom (for "virtual commerce") is a Web-enabled kiosk that blends the convenience of automated teller machines with the advantages of the Internet. The kiosk is a focal point for a changing variety of financial services such as ATM transactions, check cashing and money order and money transfers to start. National Vcom partners include American Express, Western Union and Certegy. Verizon will offer telecommunications services through Vcom in mid-2002.

7-Eleven's retail strategy is based on responding quickly to changing customer needs with a range of products and services tailored to anticipate weather conditions, special community events and the preferences of each store's customers. Success of the strategy relies on specialized retail systems software that resides on Windows NT servers at each store location to control its point of sale devices and self-service fuel pumps.

"Change is a way of life in convenience retailing," said Keith Morrow, vice president of Information Systems at 7-Eleven Inc. "Our success depends upon our ability to anticipate and respond to change in consumer trends, economic swings and even social fads. We need our IT systems to rapidly adapt to changing conditions so that we can offer our customers timely, tailored services to meet their needs."

The Windows NT-based kiosks were engineered jointly for 7-Eleven by ATM-maker NCR and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois, originator of Mosaic, the pioneering Web browser. Novadigm's EDM, based on e-wrap technology common to all Novadigm products, is used to deploy and update the Vcom kiosks' applications along with the in-store server-based retail applications that run on point-of-sale terminals and fuel pumps at 7-Eleven stores.
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