6,000 Stores to Unveil New Mango Display

Brand new for 2013, the National Mango Board (NMB) produced high graphic, freestanding Mango Display Bins to be placed in participating retail stores nationally. More than 6,000 produce departments will use the displays to educate consumers about mangos.

The displays feature colorful, eye-catching graphics paired with key messages to help teach shoppers about mangos, including how to cut, how to judge ripeness and don’t judge by color. This freestanding display will also help pump up mango sales and increase mango movement.

More than 20 major retailers have participated in the program, and retailers can use the displays in the second or third quarter of 2013. The NMB’s goal is to have layered promotions and they have asked every participating retailer to run mangos on ad or in-store specials during the display promotion to help ensure the program’s success in their stores.

“It’s our very first time producing and providing display bins and we’re blown away by the response from the retailers, which have been 100 percent positive,” said Megan McKenna, director of marketing of the NMB. “Retailers so far have been reporting they could not keep the displays filled with mangos, and others comment on the strength and durability of the bins.”

At this time, all of the NMB’s 2013 displays have been distributed; however, the NMB looks forward to continuing this popular program in 2014. 

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