4 Corners Grocery Deploys Electronic Shelf Labels

MIDDLEBURY, Conn. -- In a move to boost efficiency of its operations, 4 Corners Grocery Store has installed electronic shelf labels (ESLs) throughout its store here.

The grocer is using the NCR RealPrice solution, which was implemented by NCR RealPartner (reseller) LInc Retail Solutions in all areas of the store, including the meat and produce sections. LInc will also provide ongoing maintenance of the system.

"Prices change so quickly in this industry that it is cost-prohibitive to keep up by changing paper labels," said Joe Dinova, storeowner. "With electronic shelf labels, I am now able to make immediate price changes and be more competitive."

Wireless NCR RealPrice ESLs are linked to a computer file used by the store's POS system, ensuring that the price of purchases scanned at checkout match the price in the aisle. Price changes can be implemented with a few computer keystrokes, enabling stores to effectively enable such changes while saving the time and expense of replacing paper labels.

Dinova, who buys fresh produce every day, is among the first retailers to deploy ESLs in the produce section. The daily fluctuation of prices in the category drove his decision. "I used to have to make individual point-of-purchase signs for all produce, meat, and deli items," he said. "Now I get my prices at night and can quickly and easily raise or lower them accordingly by entering them into the system."
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