15 Dallas Merchants Pilot Mobile Checkout App

Fifteen Dallas-area merchants are test-piloting a free mobile checkout app developed to provide an intuitive and secure store system while creating a next-generation shopping experience for customers.

Among the merchants piloting the Cartwheel Register, from Dallas-based Tantrum Street are gift shops, cafes, clothing boutiques, bakeries, caterers, food trucks and salons. Each business will use the system to perform credit, debit, cash and Skip Wallet (mobile wallet) transactions.

“We chose Dallas for our beta not only because it’s our home, but also because it provides a unique retail environment and diverse consumer base,” said William Cervin, co-founder and CEO of Tantrum Street. “Cartwheel Register gives merchants true checkout freedom through a beautifully simple interface and cutting-edge mobile technology. All they need are their smartphones and our free app to accept transactions anywhere in their store—no card readers or dongles required.”

Cartwheel Register combines a next-generation store system, full-stack payments and a social good marketing message to customers. With Tantrum Street’s patent-pending number recognition technology, the app uses a smartphone or tablet’s camera to read a consumer’s credit card number. It then encrypts, tokenizes and transmits that information directly to the appropriate payment processors. The system never takes a picture of the card, and no card or primary account number information is ever stored on the device.


Through the exclusive use of Cartwheel Register, merchants benefit from automatic PCI Compliance. Tantrum Street secures all data and transactions with encryption and “triple tokenization” methods and is certified PCI DSS 2.0 Level 1 compliant.

Cartwheel Register will initially be available only for iOS devices, with availability on Android and other mobile platforms coming the first half of 2014. Companies can join Cartwheel Register’s invitation list and enter for a chance to win free transactions throughout 2014.



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