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Winning in eCommerce: Insights from the dunnhumby eCommerce Retailer Preference Index



The pandemic sparked a historic surge in online grocery sales, forcing retailers to quickly scale their capabilities or risk losing their Customers. But some retailers delivered on Customer needs better than others. And with many analysts estimating that eCommerce grocery sales penetration will double yet again over the next 5 years, the time is now for retailers to have a compelling eCommerce strategy that optimally aligns with their Customers’ expectations.
But what do Customers want? And what should retailers prioritize? dunnhumby’s first-ever eCommerce Retailer Preference Index (RPI) establishes which retailer's eCommerce value propositions are best positioned to win more eCommerce dollars than the competition.
Inspired by the dunnhumby Retailer Preference Index for U.S. Grocery (RPI) — the industry’s first annual ranking of retailers based both on financial performance and Customer sentiment — our eCommerce RPI uncovers how retailer execution on various online Customer needs, or what we call Preference Drivers, impacts lasting emotional bonds formed with Customers and eCommerce financial performance.
Join dunnhumby's Grant Steadman, President of North America; Erich Kahner, Director of Consumer Strategy & Insights; and Natalia Rojas, Senior Customer Strategy Lead as they reveal what matters most to shoppers and uncover how America’s top grocers are adapting to changing customer needs in today's fast-evolving and often unpredictable world.



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