Ukrop's Rewarding Shoppers' Green Efforts with Gift Cards

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Ukrop's Rewarding Shoppers' Green Efforts with Gift Cards

Ukrop's Valued Customer cardholders who use a paper or mesh grocery bag at Richmond, Va.-based Ukrop's Super Markets, Inc. between March 31 and April 26 could win one of ten $1,000 Ukrop's gift cards, in addition to receiving a five-cent credit per bag.

It is just one of the environmentally friendly consumer decisions Ukrop's is recognizing during April. A customer who buys specially marked "green" products and scans his or her UVC card during the 27-day promotion will be automatically eligible to win a gift card. The more a customer participates, the better his or her chances are to win.

The "Go Green, Get Green" campaign, which corresponds with Earth Day on April 22, is taking place in all 29 Ukrop's stores in Richmond, Williamsburg, Fredericksburg, and Roanoke.

"Ukrop's offers our customers products and opportunities to 'Go Green' by recycling, eating eco-friendly, and keeping an eco-friendly home," said Julie Bishop, manager of culinary & wellness trends at Ukrop's, in a statement. "We want to remind our customers that these small lifestyle changes and green choices can have a big impact on our community and our environment."

The following is a list of products or purchase transactions that are part of the special campaign.
-- Claimed mesh and paper bag credits (Ukrop's customers receive a five-cent credit per reused bag).
-- Ukrop's mesh bag purchase (selling for 99 cents per bag with a five-cent credit per use).
-- Ukrop's Organic Compost (partnering with Watkins Nursery, Ukrop's composts fruit and vegetable trimmings from its Central Kitchen into 20-pound bags for sale at Ukrop's).

Eco-Friendly Eating:
-- Ukrop's All-Natural Spring Water (supports James River Association with a donation for each purchase).
-- Organic produce - fresh fruits and vegetables only
-- Ukrop's All Natural meat (beef, pork, chicken, shrimp)
-- Ukrop's All Natural bakery
-- Any Full Circle-branded product

Eco-Friendly Home:
-- Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products
-- Seventh Generation products
-- Clorox Greenworks cleaning products, the first line of natural cleaners developed by a major consumer products company
-- Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CLFs)