Straight Talk about Grocery’s Digital Embrace

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By Progressive Grocer - 11/10/2017



No segment in retail has been more affected by the pace and depth of disruption than grocery. Hyper competition has ignited a war in the marketplace and shaken the pillars grocers have built their businesses on. But grocers are fighting back by adopting a broad-based strategy that embraces new business models, customer services and innovative digital technologies.

This digital embrace is the focus of a new benchmark study by Progressive Grocer and RIS News and key takeaways will be presented in a webinar that focuses on the challenges grocers face and the new opportunities they are discovering.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Grocery spend trends – how much tech budgets are increasing and shifting among major segments and why

  • Omnichannel – identifying which services and technologies will provide a competitive edge with omnichannel shoppers

  • Key obstacles to overcome – how to solve employee engagement, global retailers entering the market, food safety and Amazon

  • Top tech investments – in labor/workforce, store systems.





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