In-store Bakery Recipe for Success: IDDBA

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In-store Bakery Recipe for Success: IDDBA


The newly-released What’s in Store 2013, published by the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association, shows that when it comes to the bakery, what’s in store is what matches shoppers’ interest in indulgence, flavor and value.

What’s clear in this year’s edition of What’s in Store is that many shoppers do, indeed, stop by the bakery when they are at the store. The book highlights research showing that 92 percent of shoppers report purchasing a bakery item over the last year and are visiting the bakery more often.

When they are at the in-store bakery, consumers like to buy perennially favorite items like doughnuts and cupcakes.
Drilling down a bit more, shoppers at the in-store bakery are seeking products that reflect their interest in indulgence and new/global flavors, according to What’s in Store 2013.

From an indulgent standpoint, doughnuts with new, different or indulgent flavor profiles like tres leche or crème brulee or fun toppings are emerging in popularity. The continuing influence of and clamor for global flavors is also evident at the supermarket bakery, such sweets with a Mexican or Middle Eastern flair and breads like naan and bolillos.

Nostalgia is creeping into baked goods as well, with retro flavors like red velvet cakes, s'more-flavored treats and classic pies ranked high for in-store bakeries.

At the same time, however, a segment of the population is looking for healthier alternatives in the supermarket bakery, spanning products that are gluten-free, sugar-free, organic or whole grain. Smaller portions also are a fit for those looking for indulgence with less guilt, from a diet and nutrition perspective.

With more creative offerings and a focus on delivering convenience and value, in-store bakeries can meet the needs of couples making wedding plans. As What’s in Store 2013 reports, more grocery stores are working with brides to provide wedding cakes that meet both their high standards for taste and their realistic budgets.