Start the Year Fresh: Setting Blockchain, Waste Reduction and Freshness Metrics Goals

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By Progressive Grocer - 01/19/2018



2018 could be the most challenging year yet for the grocers, manufacturing and growers alike. New competitors, tighter margins, sustainability, food safety concerns and the evolving shopping habits of today’s consumers are key challenges grocers need to successfully navigate this year.

In fact, the year ahead is likely to be so dramatic that simply tweaking your business strategy won’t cut it. You’ll need to drastically reimagine your business to achieve the necessary results that will ensure ongoing business success and growth. You want to be sure to get it right!

Join Zest Labs CEO Peter Mehring for a webinar that will help you start the year fresh with three clear goals to accomplish in 2018. You will learn how to:

  • Set a waste reduction goal and a plan to achieve it to start saving money now.

  • Achieve true transparency and address blockchain for your supply chain.

  • Establish a freshness metric for your cold chain.

Register now and Start the Year Fresh on a path to make it your best year ever.



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