ShopSavvy Marketplace Connects Retailers With Millions of Mobile Shoppers

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ShopSavvy Marketplace Connects Retailers With Millions of Mobile Shoppers


Mobile shopping community ShopSavvy has launched ShopSavvy Marketplace, enabling any retailer to list its products for free within ProductCloud, ShopSavvy’s proprietary big-data platform that enables the community’s 10+ million active members to easily find real-time pricing, inventory, reviews and other information for more than 20 million products.

“ShopSavvy was born in 2008 with access to pricing and inventory information from fewer than 20 retailers,” said Alexander Muse, co-founder and CEO of ShopSavvy. “We have since added more than 40,000 retailers to our ProductCloud, including virtually all of the largest players, such as Walmart, Best Buy and Target. But that leaves hundreds of thousands of mostly smaller, local retailers who are not yet in our database. We currently have a waiting list of more than 1,500 U.S. retailers who have requested that we add their inventory, prices and locations to our system.

“Now, with the introduction of ShopSavvy Marketplace, those retailers don’t have to ‘stand in line’ to add their data. It’s the equivalent of a self-checkout lane – retailers can add their data and become part of ShopSavvy immediately.”

ShopSavvy Marketplace will also help ShopSavvy to rapidly increase the number of non-U.S.-based retailers in its system, Muse said. “Our small team has been adding about 25 new retailers per day to ShopSavvy, but this hasn’t allowed us to keep up with the backlog of demand among U.S. retailers, let alone international retailers,” added Muse. “As a result, we haven’t added a new European, Asian or South American retailer for the past year. And there are thousands of non-U.S. retailers who have contacted us about submitting their data to ShopSavvy. With ShopSavvy Marketplace and ProductCloud, we now have the capacity to add virtually every retailer on the planet to our system.”

ShopSavvy Marketplace enables retailers to:

  • Increase traffic and sales. ShopSavvy Marketplace connects retailers’ products to the shoppers searching for them, helping them drive traffic and sales to their stores.
  • Submit products for free. Inclusion of products is free. There are no charges for uploading items or the additional traffic received.
  • Reach qualified shoppers. Retailers reach shoppers precisely when they have a product in their hands or are searching for a place to buy the product at the decision point.

“The ShopSavvy Marketplace is another way for us to help local retailers form tighter bonds with their customers and to compete against Amazon and other online retailers,” said John Boyd, ShopSavvy co-founder and COO. “It’s an independent, unbiased marketplace where retailers of any size can participate on equal footing. “

ShopSavvy plans to expand ShopSavvy Marketplace to provide even more ways for retailers to instantly reach mobile shoppers, including social media and advertising functionality.

Retailers can upload their product information to ShopSavvy Marketplace at

Dallas-based ShopSavvy is a leading mobile shopping community with more than 30 million downloads and 10 million active users. ShopSavvy empowers smartphone users to quickly and seamlessly locate, research and buy products at the point of sale. When users scan a barcode or input a product name, they discover where the item is sold locally and online, where it’s in stock and at what price.