Shoppers Seek Savings on Organic Food Purchases

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Shoppers Seek Savings on Organic Food Purchases

By Stacy Straczynski - 06/21/2009
Since as a recent OTA/KIWI Magazine study found [[add link here?]], nearly three-quarters of U.S. families are still buying organic products despite the recession, it seems only natural that they’d be on the lookout for bargains whenever possible. Therefore, a recent MamboTrak poll finding that many consumers are now purchasing “healthy” foods more economically dovetails nicely with the results of the OTA/KIWI research, which was carried out independently of the survey.

The poll, conducted by organic product promotions company Mambo Sprouts Marketing, found that while 87 percent of respondents desire to maintain their healthy consumption habits, many are now much more selective when buying organic goods.

Forty-five percent of consumers report taking up more frugal buying behaviors, such as purchasing organic items on sale (65 percent), using coupons (50 percent) and sticking to store brands or private labels (48 percent). Only a little more than half (54 percent) report no change in their organic product and vitamin supplement consumption.

Additionally, a majority of consumers (52 percent) plan to continue these economical buying behaviors for the long term. Even if the economy takes a turn for the better, only 36 percent plan to increase their spending on organic products.

“For branded organic products, the challenge is to regain market share through brand building initiatives such as layered promotions, education regarding brand values, and coupons so that they are well positioned post-recession," said Matthew Saline, CEO for Collingswood, N.J.-based Mambo Sprouts Marketing.