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Retail Pricing is Broken: Practical Approaches for our New Reality



In an ideal world, retail pricing works really well because the customer behaves in a consistent and repeatable way. But this is the real world. Since March 2020, changes in consumer behavior have accelerated exponentially, making it difficult for legacy pricing systems to accurately predict and forecast shopper demand. 

The roles and goals of items and categories are also changing — and can be different for in-store and online — impacting your pricing strategy and how you interact with your customer. Amazon changes prices more than 3 million times a day. The ability to rapidly execute everyday pricing at the item level, ensuring the right price for your shoppers at a particular store or online, has become a requirement to keep up with competitors. Let’s face it — retail pricing as we know it is broken.
Join Kevin Sterneckert, former Gartner analyst and current Chief Strategy Officer for DemandTec, and Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner, RSR Research, along with editorial director Mike Troy, for a discussion on the main trends impacting retail pricing, and the tools and approaches you can use to win with your customers. 



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