Red Arrow Captures Grandma's Sunday Pot Roast Flavor

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Red Arrow Captures Grandma's Sunday Pot Roast Flavor


Red Arrow's Flavors from the Kitchen line is designed to recreate home-cooked and chef-prepared flavors. Its latest flavor, Grandma's Sunday Pot Roast, is a home-cooked, meaty flavor that manufacturers can use in soups, sauces, gravies, frozen entrees, seasonings, and various meat items.

Flavors from the Kitchen also features roasted options in turkey, chicken, beef and pork flavors. Roasted flavors run the gamut from deeply roasted to slightly browned. Customized roast flavors that provide a point of differentiation can be created, according to the company.

In addition to roast, its range of authentic flavors includes grill, char, sauté, caramelize and fry.

"We offer an easy-to-incorporate, cost-effective alternative to the traditional cooking method while still producing consistently, authentic-tasting results," said Dr. Robert Johnson, value optimization manager at Red Arrow.

"Food manufacturing and preparation practices often incorporate cooking technologies that do not lend themselves to flavor development," continued Johnson. "Steam cooking and microwave cooking are examples of cooking methods that do not create flavors otherwise derived from conventional cooking methods. This is where Red Arrow's flavors have an impactful contribution to the overall organoleptic experience creating savory notes otherwise absent."

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