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Price Check: Inflation Proofing Your Fresh Operations in 2022



The chaos of panic buying and empty produce aisles may be behind us. Still, the sense of heaviness and uneasiness is stronger than ever in grocery stores as inflation increases at its fastest rate in decades, eating up budgets in American households. While grocers have traditionally done well during periods of food inflation, we are facing unprecedented challenges in fresh.

The recently released, FMI—the Food Industry Association’s 2022 Power of Produce report revealed that shoppers rank price of fresh products as the number one factor when making purchasing decisions, followed by appearance (19%), health benefits (19%), and ripeness (15%).
How can grocers combat soaring food costs to win in fresh?

Join us for a highly relevant panel conversation with Invafresh Freshologist Joe Smirlies along with Rick Stein at FMI to gain:

  • Actionable steps grocers can take immediately to minimize the impact of rising commodity prices to protect margins in 2022

  • The safeguards against the challenges of inflation: how leaders are filling in operations gaps and establishing accurate real-time costing and reporting in ingredients used to make produced finished goods

  • How to leverage fresh-centric forecasting data to make rapid and precise decisions to remain competitive

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