PBH Urges Trade to Tap Resources for Sept. Fruit/Veggie Month

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PBH Urges Trade to Tap Resources for Sept. Fruit/Veggie Month

With the kickoff of September National Fruits & Veggies-More Matters Month around the corner, the Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) is inviting donors to take advantage of free resources available to make the event a success. Backed with a value-oriented “Stretch Your Food Budget with Fruits & Veggies” theme, new retail advertising tools from the Wilmington, Del.-based nonprofit feature a variety of planning, shopping and preparation tips that illustrate how fruits and vegetables can easily fit into a tight budget.

These toolkits include three consumer columns that are perfect for newsletters, ads or wellness magazines; 10 ad slicks that each feature a unique tip to help people get more value for the money they spend on fruits and vegetables; ready-to-print POS sign templates, and a press release template that communicates the value of fruits and veggies and is ready to deliver to local media. Simply insert your company and contact information and distribute. All of these materials are available for download from the organization’s Web site (See the link below).

“Fruits & Veggies-More Matters is an excellent vehicle for reaching consumers and persuading them to consume more fruits and vegetables for their better health,” said Elizabeth Pivonka, PBH’s president and CEO. “We need to remind people to do what they already know they should be doing by distributing the Fruits & Veggies-More Matters message. National Fruits & Veggies-More Matters Month offers each of us a real opportunity to promote our commitment to better health by sharing key Fruits & Veggies-More Matters messages with our customers, employees, family and friends.”

Pivonka also reminds retailers that have not done so already to add a link from their company Web sites to www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org. A link button and Web site copy are available for donors to add to their sites. To receive button graphics, contact Jill LeBrasseur at [email protected] or visit www.pbhfoundation.org.