Out of the Box: Tech Product Roundup

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Out of the Box: Tech Product Roundup

Called DIGI-BRITE, the system eliminates lost time needed for changing plastic price pieces manually on traditional signs. It features red and green LEDs from CREE USA, is designed for temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +170 degrees Fahrenheit, is UL listed, and has an aluminum extrusion frame snap/screw.

In addition, the system offers surge power protection and has 16 levels of photo sensors, a 40-degree vertical/140-degree horizontal viewing angle, and is rated over 5000 NIT at its brightest level.

The system’s gas price controller has a four-line LCD readout, price update confirmations, and enables the user to change prices without going outside. Ten days of price history records can be retrieved and seen on the LCD, and users have 1 million password-protection codes and a manager/user security level. Up to 12 panels and six different fuels can be programmed. The controller is self-checking for errors, features battery/AC operation and has 16-user preference brightness levels.

According to Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Pro-Lite, the system has a city-approved brightness setting, an RS-232 port and an Ethernet/RJ45 adapter, and is POS compatible.

For more information, contact 714-668-9988 or visit www.pro-lite.com.

Let’s Take it Outside

With First Data’s FD400, it’s easy to have a pumpkin sale out in the parking lot. This low-cost, battery-powered, wireless point-of-sale terminal is ideal for merchants who don’t have constant access to both a power source and communication line such as an Internet or phone connection.

The terminal is designed for mobile applications such as farmers’ markets, parking lot sales outside the store or flexible in-store services, and gives retailers the ability to accept electronic payments at card present rates. It features a long battery life and runs on 3G wireless protocol.

“For merchants whose business is not always in a location with Internet or dial-up connections, this terminal really solves their connectivity dilemma,” said Russell Bird, SVP at Denver-based First Data. “This compact, lightweight device makes accepting payments remotely effortless, with multiple payment options, performance and dependability in a small package.”

Other features include an over-the-air software download ability for on-the-go application updates as well as a built-in, rechargeable battery; store-and-forward capability for offline capture and upload of transactions in non-coverage areas; and a compact form factor, which is small enough to fit in a coat pocket.

For more information, visit www.firstdata.com.