Ore-Ida Bagel Bites Urges Charitable Giving

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Ore-Ida Bagel Bites Urges Charitable Giving


Ore-Ida Bagel Bites brand of frozen pizza snacks from Pittsburgh-based Heinz Foods is inviting families to snack more meaningfully with an online “Pledge to Snack Simply” that emphasizes the importance of simple, wholesome fare while at the same time raising funds to promote better nutrition in youth programs.

By taking the pledge at www.snacksimplypledge.com, grown-ups promise to take some small steps that can have a big effect on their kids’ daily snacking. For each person who takes the pledge, Bagel Bites will donate $1 to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, up to $50,000.

“When kids are on summer break, normal schedules fade away, and it’s important to have a structured daily routine that keeps kids feeling energized and at their best throughout the day with simple, wholesome snacks,” explained Connie Evers, a registered dietitian, founder of NutritionForKids.com and author of several books, including “How to Teach Nutrition to Kids.”

The pledge asks parents to adhere to three guiding principles for summer snacking:

  • Keep it Simple: Offer uncomplicated, easy-to-prepare snacks with wholesome ingredients
  • Keep it Tasty: Serve snacks kids will love
  • Keep it Fun: Connect with your kid by including simple, family-friendly activities at snacktime

As well as raising money for Boys & Girls Clubs of America, people who take the pledge also receive a $1-off coupon on their next purchase of Bagel Bites.

“The Snack Simply Pledge is a great way for parents to set an example for youth in America and show they’re committed to making wholesome nutrition an important part of everyday life for themselves and their kids,” noted Cyndi Court, EVP of resource development and marketing for Atlanta-based Boys & Girls Clubs of America. “By encouraging families to choose simple, wholesome options at snacktime, the pledge reinforces our efforts to teach health and life skills that develop young people’s capacity to engage in positive behaviors, nurture their own well-being, set personal goals and live successfully as self-sufficient adults.”

Bagel Bites recently incorporated whole grain into its entire line of frozen pizza snacks, which now offer a healthy 8 grams of whole grain per serving.

“When choosing snacks for kids, it’s best to look for wholesome snack options that have simple, recognizable ingredients and offer the added benefits of whole grain,” added Evers. “It’s also important to make choices you know your kids will love and you can feel good about serving.”