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Ohio Grocers Association Releases Earth Day PSA

The Ohio Grocers Association (OGA) said it distributed a public service announcement to roughly 200 radio stations throughout the state to remind grocery shoppers that using reusable tote bags saves the planet’s resources.

The radio spots are narrated by OGA president Tom Jackson, who recorded the announcement at a Kroger store. They relay following message: “April is Earth Month and the Ohio Grocers Association wishes to remind everyone that reusing bags saves resources. Every time you shop with a reusable tote bag you help reduce green house gases, protect forests, water and air, and lessen our dependence on oil. Paper and plastic bags are perfect for reuse as well, and many grocers accept plastic bags for recycling. By working together, small changes can make a big difference.”

OGA distributed the PSAs in MP3 format as well as a hard copy. It said it is encouraging grocers to broadcast them over their in-store message systems.
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