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The Next Beverage Revolution is Today's Unique Solution

Bottle confusion has existed for so long that we have almost come to accept it as a necessary evil. You put a bottle down next to others and two seconds later you forget which one belongs to you.

No longer. Agua Plus has introduced its ph9+ alkaline water with an exciting new feature called All-Scratch! technology that eliminates bottle confusion for good. Simply scratch your name, initials or a picture directly on the bottle of Agua Plus to easily identify that it belongs to you. The unique scratch ink is resistant to all of the conditions a bottle of Agua Plus may find itself: water, ice, condensation, heat, sun and mild rubbing.

Don’t leave socializing responsibly to chance. Eliminate the confusion that leads to excess waste and the heightened risk of picking up a germ or a virus. Utilize Agua Plus to bring peace of mind to your customers and a unique value proposition to your business.

Agua Plus is more than a water; it’s a solution!


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