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The New Rules of Grocery Demand Forecasting: Exclusive research reveals supply chain priorities and pain points




The pandemic tested grocers’ supply chains in new ways, but also revealed opportunities to grow and improve.  As new threats loom and inflation surges, exclusive benchmark research from Incisiv and Symphony RetailAI shows how retailers are moving forward with key supply chain initiatives, innovative technologies and the latest approaches to demand-forecasting and replenishment.

Join a panel of experts as they offer a first look at the retailer research and explore the following:

  • The two key areas 88% of retailers say are their top supply chain opportunities
  • The five priorities for retailers to drive growth in 2022
  • How to solve the big data dilemma 92% of retailers face
  • The top barrier preventing 40% of retailers from using the most innovative technologies
  • Contingency planning best practices for new supply chain disruptions

A great grocery supply chain transformation is underway. Please join us to learn more and be prepared for whatever the future holds.



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