Near Field Communications Comes to the Shelf-Edge

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Near Field Communications Comes to the Shelf-Edge


3GTV Networks will be extending its shelf-edge device capability to include near field communications (NFC) to give retailers the ability to provide richer shopper interaction.

NFC is the latest addition to the growing list of communication tools supported by 3GTV's first-of-a-kind, in-store digital backbone infrastructure. "With NFC, 3GTV continues our commitment to provide marketers, retailers, and third-party services with simple, digital solutions for improving the ways they connect to shoppers and driving long-term loyalty," said Bob Wolinsky, CEO and chairman of 3GTV Networks. "Although it is still very early for NFC, the data points to a huge future, not only for the transaction model, but also for enabling powerful loyalty and marketing activities at the point-of-sale."

3GTV currently designs and operates an in-store infrastructure featuring a range of networked smart devices. With these systems already in place, 3GTV can implement very unique NFC-based engagements that will deliver value, convenience and fun to shoppers, while adding more measurable and notable interactions for brands.

Currently, NFC is frequently used internationally and in the US as a technology enabling mobile payments. According to the January 2011 Frost & Sullivan NFC industry report, as more mobile phones are created with NFC capabilities, it is expected that NFC will become the most-used solution for mobile payment. The report predicts the total payment value for NFC to reach $180 billion by 2015.

"Adding NFC capabilities to the 3GTV platform is all about further extending the convergence of physical and digital experiences for shoppers," said Daniel Seliger, VP of content strategy, 3GTV Networks. "We see NFC as the ideal technology for enabling new approaches to 'check-ins', integrating social media into the physical store, and rethinking how we reward loyalty and encourage discovery and sharing."

Automated Media Services, Inc. (AMS) is a media and technology firm responsible for the development of 3GTV Networks, which combines the power and plannability of television with the efficiency and immediacy of digital media. Located in the retail environment, 3GTV is supported by AMS' proprietary digital infrastructure, which was developed to enable power and connectivity throughout the store.