Mintel Taps Top Super Bowl Sunday Suds

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Mintel Taps Top Super Bowl Sunday Suds

With the clock ticking down to the Big Game on Feb. 7, retailers may well be wondering which beers will score touchdowns on Super Bowl Sunday? Chicago-based market research company Mintel has come up with its own shortlist of the kinds of brews that are sure to earn cheers from spectators of the time-honored tradition.

More Americans go for domestic beers over imported brands. Almost half of Mintel’s beer-drinking survey respondents (44 percent) said they prefer domestic beer, with another 13 percent noting that their preference is for domestic microbrews or craft beers. Just 24 percent said they like imported beer better. The reasons for this marked preference are taste and loyalty, Mintel found. Forty-two percent of respondents said domestic “just tastes better” than imported, while 53 percent characterized themselves as “very loyal” to domestic beer.

When it comes to lower-calorie options, nearly a quarter of domestic beer drinkers (24 percent) said they drink light beer all the time, with another 26 percent responding that they drink it most of the time. Among imported beer drinkers, though, 91 percent of said they drink regular, vs. only 37 percent who drink light or low-calorie versions.

Men are the main beer consumers: 60 percent drink it compared with only 36 percent of women (whose preferences run more to spirits or wine). Male beer drinkers are in highly favor of full-flavored beer, with over half (51 percent) saying they seek out full-flavored brews, while 42 percent of female beer drinkers look for lighter-flavored beers. Additionally, men have less interest in low-calorie beer (21 percent) than women (33 percent).