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McGinnis Sisters Bow All-American Green Grocery Bags

Several months after rolling out imported reusable grocery bags to limit the amount of plastic bags used in its stores, Pittsburgh-based McGinnis Sisters Special Food Stores are now selling American made reusable grocery bags.

"At first, I was happy that our little company was making a positive impact on the environment," said Bonnie McGinnis Vello, one of the stores' owners, of the initial bag program. "However, the bags we offered were manufactured overseas and I knew that we could do better."

Vello said the project produced a win-win-win for the stores, its customers, and Part-time cashier Kimberly Morris a student at Robert Morris University who was empowered to get involved and to bring her ideas to the table. Morris researched companies until she found an U.S.-based manufacturer.

"Offering an American made reusable bag fits within our values," said Sharon McGinnis Young, another of the stores' namesake owners. "We are proud to offer American beef, chicken and pork, so why not reusable grocery bags? Now McGinnis Sisters is not only helping to improve the environment but also the American economy."

McGinnis Sisters offers two American-made reusable bags: A cotton bag made from 100 percent natural, unbleached cotton that can hold 40 pounds; and an EcoSpun bag made from 100 percent recycled soda bottles.

The McGinnis Sisters own and operate two specialty grocery stores in the South and East suburbs of Pittsburgh, and recently broke ground for their third location in the fast growing northern suburbs.
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