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Plainville Farms, a brand of antibiotic-free (ABF), vegetarian-fed, all-natural, humanely raised poultry, has now introduced a line of pre-cooked, skinless flavored sausage links to the frozen food section. The two varieties, which come in 100 percent recycled packaging are Turkey Sage Sausage Links and Turkey Maple Sausage Links. "As pioneers in ABF, we wanted to expand our offerings so that shoppers had a convenient way make breakfast as pure, healthy and delicious as the rest of their meals," explains Barb Quijano, VP of marketing for Plainville Farms’ manufacturer, Fredericksburg, Pa.-based Hain Pure Protein Corp. The SRP for an 8-ounce package of either variety is $4.19. For more information, call 800-724-0206 or visit