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How On-Demand Insights Can Drive a Winning Grocery Strategy



On May 12, join us for a discussion on how to use on-demand insights from shoppers for a winning grocery strategy. With the right approach, you can create unique grocery experiences by leveraging consumer trends and shopper behavior to adjust your business accordingly.

Ryan Furey, Solutions Consultant, will be diving into four areas of your business — customer journey, customer engagement, retail execution, and competitive intelligence — that can be easily optimized through the real-time insights collected first-hand from shoppers.

In addition, we will be running a task specifically for this webinar on competitive intelligence. We will run through our findings and walk through what potential changes businesses can make based on these kinds of insights about what competitors are doing differently.

During this webinar we’ll walk through:

  1. How crowdsourcing provides visibility into the journey of customers as well as the behavior they exhibit as they walk through the aisles of the store.
  2. Photographs and sentiment data that provide a real-time view into how shoppers are moving through the store and why.
  3. Retail execution: how to free up your local managers by having a centralized source to pull reliable data from. 
  4.  A run-through of Premise's competitive intelligence task.



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