Hass Avocados Importers First TV Campaign

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Hass Avocados Importers First TV Campaign

NEW YORK N.Y. -- A new television campaign is the latest prong of the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association's (MHAIA) four-year integrated communications plan centered around, public relations, consumer promotions, NASCAR sponsorship, and radio advertising.

MHAIA representatives said the new 30-second TV spots received extremely positive feedback in test screenings to target audiences. In particular, women who viewed the spots found them highly entertaining, memorable, and informative, the representatives said.

The new TV spots feature a group of tough looking bikers gathered in a warehouse for what seems like an imminent rumble. The leader orders the bikers to brandish their knives, while the music and tension mount; then, they all settle down to cutting and dicing Hass Avocados from Mexico to prepare guacamole -- using “mom’s” recipe.

The earlier radio campaign, which included heavy buys in target markets during key selling seasons, has been very successful, generating a great deal of awareness, campaign reps said. “Television was the next logical addition to our communications plan,” said Chris Tully, president of the Garden City, N.Y.-based marketing agency of record for MHAIA.

“As with our radio campaign, the television spot puts across our key message points in a way that is fun and extremely memorable,” said Tully. “These bikers may look rough on the outside, but once they start cooking with Hass avocados, we discover that they’re really nice and ‘smooth’ on the inside.”

As with the other elements of the communications program, the television spots are also designed to support retailers by driving sales of this popular fruit. The commercials will begin to air in key markets around the country in December, just in time for the holidays – a key season for Hass avocado consumption.

To view the commercial visit: http://mexhasspromo.com/demo/Bikers_30.mov.