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Grocery Shopping Not So Bad, Sometimes: Marketer Survey

WESTPORT, Conn. -- For the folks who craft the myths and messages of many a brand—the professional marketers—grocery shopping can sometimes be significantly better than a chore, according to an online survey of marketers conducted and published by The Hub magazine here.

The survey, polling more than 450 mostly senior level professionals across many industries, including retailers, found that almost half (46.5 percent) of marketers enjoy grocery shopping at least sometimes. Almost 36 percent enjoy it plain and simple, while 16.6 percent just don’t enjoy it, period.

More than a few qualified their answers. Said one respondent, “I don't think I ever really ENJOY it, but it can be more pleasant than some other tasks that are unavoidable.” Several added that the enjoyment came from specialty stores such as Whole Foods.

Almost half of marketing professionals shop two grocery stores weekly for stocking up, while 21.5 percent hit three stores in a typical week. Of those that frequent more than one store, about 40 percent said they “don’t care” that they have to make multiple trips to stock up, but 32 percent said they “hate it.”

More than 50 percent said the experience at their usual store was either very good or excellent.

Why do marketing pros choose the stores they do? Most of all, for location and convenience, said about 84 percent. The quality of the fresh produce and meat followed at a distance, 53.2 and 34.6 percent respectively. Good prices, specialty items, and prepared foods finished off the top five reasons.

About 50 percent of marketing executives said they even are sometimes pleasantly surprised while grocery shopping.

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