Fresh Produce Trends:<br />Online Fresh Produce Sales Rule for Winter-weary Consumers

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Fresh Produce Trends:<br />Online Fresh Produce Sales Rule for Winter-weary Consumers

Although fresh produce is characteristically at its most glorious during the warmer months, our friends at Colchester, Vt.-based MyWebGrocer shared a rundown of recent insightful produce category sales data bearing out the proposition that fresh fruits and vegetables and are a ripe antidote for winter-weary shoppers.

To wit: online sales of bananas jumped a staggering 427.5 percent in Jan. 2010 vs. Aug. of 2009, while apple sales climbed 93 percent higher during the same comparative months. Ditto for pears, at 82 percent; beans and peas, which gained an 86 percent lift; peppers and chilis, sales of which soared 84 percent in January vs. August; and potatoes, which experienced an “appealing” 71 percent online sales increase.

Captured from aggregated online transactional data it powers on behalf of a number of leading grocery e-commerce sites, the comparable-produce sales-stats from MyWebGrocer — which provides digital solutions for 95 of the nation’s leading supermarket companies, in addition to its other creative tools and services that help grocers strengthen their relationships with customers and increase basket size — also spotted a few winter produce laggards, which not surprisingly included tree fruits (peaches/plums, etc.), which saw a whopping 88 percent decline, and corn and asparagus, sales of which fell 55 percent in January vs. August.

An overall aerial view of MyWebGrocer’s comparable online fresh produce sales for the two periods between Aug. 1 through Aug. 31, 2009 and Jan. 1 through Jan. 31, 2010, found:

—Apples: +93%
—Bananas: +427.50%
—Beans and Peas: +86%
—Berries: +57%
—Broccoli and Cauliflower: +67.5
—Cabbage and Eggplant: +78.35%
—Carrots and Roots: +66%
—Celery and Cucumbers: +68.5%
—Citrus Fruits: +340%
—Corn and Asparagus: -54.94%
—Grapes: +73%
—Herbs: +123%
—Kimchi/Pickled Vegetables: +238%
—Lettuce: +55.5%
—Melons: -24.51%
—Mushrooms: +118%
—Onions and Garlic: +25.40%
—Peaches/Plums/More: -88%
—Pears: +82%
—Peppers and Chilies: +84%
—Potatoes: +71%
—Prunes/Dates/More: +272%
—Salads-Prepackaged: +45%
—Spinach and Greens: +57%
—Squash and Zucchini: +219%
—Tofu and Soy Products: +80%
—Tomatoes: +95.5%
—Trays/Baskets/Platters: +36%
—Tropical Fruits: +107%
—Vegetables-Other: + 159.5%