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Fresh is the Future: How a unified, fresh-first solution gets you there




The future of grocery is fresh-first and tech-driven. As grocers work to capture market share in a playing field with competitors like Amazon, meeting customer desires by being the best in fresh is crucial to success.Yet, keeping shelves stocked costs the retail grocery industry hundreds of billions of dollars in shrink and labor inefficiencies. That’s because, until now, technology has only catered to non-perishables, leaving fresh departments to rely on siloed, manual processes and technology that cannot handle the complexities of fresh food. Today, a transformative new AI-powered fresh solution is unifying the disjointed processes of fresh and powering profitable fresh departments. In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Why fresh is ripe for a transformation
  • What a Fresh Operating System is and how it’s different
  • What grocers stand to gain from leveraging a unified fresh solution



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