Foodservice Supply & Equipment Trends: Sustainable Foil and Retrofitted Walk-Ins Save Environment and Bucks

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Foodservice Supply & Equipment Trends: Sustainable Foil and Retrofitted Walk-Ins Save Environment and Bucks

By Bob Ingram - 04/28/2010
Manufacturers of the products that keep foodservice operators operating – supplies and equipment – are on the forefront of two very current-day American concerns: keeping the environment safe and keeping expenditures down. Here are two examples:
  • Handi-foil Corp. has introduced Eco-Foil, a full line of 100 percent recycled aluminum foil containers to be sold in grocery and other retail channels. Eco-Foil is also available for in-store bakery and deli departments.
Many products promoted as sustainable have recycled content as low as 30 percent, but Eco-Foil is the industry’s first and only container foilware made from 100 percent recycled aluminum, so says the Wheeling, Ill.-based Handi-foil. With its green credentials prominently displayed on the label, the “handy-dandy” line, ranges from the exclusive King Roaster with handles to the Cook-N-Carry line of pans with lids.
“Eco-Foil is good for the consumer, good for the retailer, and, most importantly, it’s the socially responsible thing to do,” notes David Sarnoff, Handi-foil EVP.
For further information, visit [email protected].
  • Master-Bilt, manufacturer of commercial refrigeration systems, has a retrofit program for walk-ins, a variety of cost-saving options that can extend the life and improve the efficiency, safety, and appearance of any unit – be it from its own line either Master-Bilt or other brands.
Customers can replaces old or worn out refrigeration systems or individual compressors, and Master-Bilt retrofit doors replace well-used or damaged doors to provide better insulation and aesthetics. Master-Bilt’s unique field adjustable hinge backing plates on walk-in cooler and freezer doors ensure a proper fit of the door during installation and retrofitting for maximum efficiency.
Additionally, if walk-in floors have buckled or curved under the weight of shelving or pallet jacks, Master-Bilt can install a new floor over laminate without replacing the entire floor.
“A new system is not always a necessity and through a retrofit program, foodservice operators no longer have to buy a brand new walk-in when components get worn out,” relays Bill Huffman, Mater-Bilt’s VP of sales and marketing.
Another equipment innovation is Champion Industries’ new vertical split-door option addition to its line of flight machines. The new insulated “swing door” option offers an ergonomic design with superior access for daily cleaning. The overlapping design creates a tight seal without the need for gaskets or replacement parts, reducing the cost of maintenance over the life of the machine. The unique recessed door handle design allows for a clean look with the benefit of a reduced footprint.

Champion now offers three door options on its flight machines: the new “swing door” option, the standard non-insulated lift-up door, or the insulated split nested door. For more information, go to

A new line of foodservice supplies has been added by NatureSeal, Inc. NatureSeal FS is the “first step” in processing fresh produce. Based on a combination of fruit acids, NatureSeal FS is a viable alternative to chlorine-based washes without the concerns common with the storing and use of hazardous halogenated chemicals.

NatureSeal FS products are offered in both conventional and organic processing. It is a natural extension of the NatureSeal line of products which has grown to over 15 formulations which provide benefits to over 30 fresh produce items after processing. The original NatureSeal product line was developed and patented with the USDA, and is marketed world-wide with over 300 processors supplying the retail and foodservice industries.