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Five Ways Technology Innovation Will Transform Grocery in 2021



You never expected that your entire business model would change overnight. But it did. The supply chain is shocked. Consumers have changed how they shop, pay for and receive their groceries. Even the most robust curbside programs have been stretched.

COVID-19 is accelerating the need for grocers to leverage technologies that will effectively help them overcome these obstacles and once the crisis is over, provide a safe modern way to improve brick-and-mortar shopping in a significantly changed environment.

Grocery is a thin margin business, the thinnest of all retail verticals. The challenge is how to invest those limited profits to earn faster ROI, keep current and enjoy competitive advantage without losing the slim margin they currently enjoy.  

Join us for this exclusive invitation-only webinar for advanced grocers sponsored by industry leaders Zebra Technologies and Mainstreet Inc. featuring Disruptive Innovation Expert, Daniel Burrus. We'll take a look into the future and you will learn how to grow your business with robust, scalable technologies that can:

  • Boost your curbside performance
  • Improve inventory visibility
  • Reduce out of stocks
  • Increase checkout throughput
  • Make customers happy

Please join us for a look ahead to 2021 and how next gen technologies will impact your retail operations and the customer experience.




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