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Endure Beyond a Cure: Leverage Lasting Trends for Your Brand



While the COVID-19 pandemic shifted some consumer behaviors, many changes to the food industry are now embedded into daily life.

What does this shift mean for your brand? Your consumers are buying differently. Discover the consumer trends expected to persist and integrate them into your business strategy.
Some consumer trends we’ll unpack:

  • Safety & Security. “Stay Safe” is more than a popular parting phrase. It reflects consumers’ values.
  • Functional Eating. Consumers search for nutrient-rich foods most beneficial to immunity, rest, and mental health.
  • Craving Community. With fewer group gatherings and social events, consumers look for out-of-the-box ways to foster connection.
  • Technology Adaptation. The effects of the pandemic accelerated technological adaptation, and there’s no going back now.
  • Sustainability Awareness. Consumers are sustainability savvy. It’s no longer a “nice to have” but a “need to have” attribute for brands.

Smart brands understand the why behind consumer behaviors and cater innovations to target audiences. Join Sonoco Packaging and Moxie Sozo as we walk through pandemic impacts and leveraging consumer trends in brand strategy, concluding with a brand case study hosted by design experts from Moxie Sozo.




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