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From Endless Email to Operational Excellence: How Festival Foods inspired their teams to achieve industry-leading execution rates




What do frozen turkeys and whipped cream have to do with store communication? More than you might think!

Wisconsin-based grocer Festival Foods knew that sending thousands of emails from dozens of siloed departments wasn’t helping their store teams work efficiently - or move through liable inventory. They needed a solution that would simplify communication, increase employee accountability, and improve store execution. 

Just six weeks after a full-fleet launch of Zipline, Festival Foods saw 93% readership and 90% execution—more than 3x the industry average execution rate of 29%. 

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How better communications allow grocers to grow sales, build community, and drive associate engagement.
  • How to develop an operational strategy that aligns frontline teams to sell more products… (like turkeys and whipped cream!).
  • The approach Festival Foods used to ensure successful adoption of a mission critical technology.



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