Colorado Native Beer Goes Mobile

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Colorado Native Beer Goes Mobile

AC Golden Brewing Co.’s Colorado Native beer last month turned its brand logo into a part of a social mobile marketing program in which shoppers snap a photo of the logo and then text or email it to the brand’s online community to initiate a dialogue with the brand.

The brewer is working with SpyderLynk, a Denver-based a mobile marketing and technology company that develops solutions for enabling mobile connectivity between brand marketers and consumers. It’s SnapTag product, which Colorado Native is using for the program, is a patent-pending interactive brand logo designed to deliver consumer engagements rather than simple impressions.

Here’s how it works: When a SnapTag is placed on any advertisement with a call to action, the consumer can use a mobile camera phone to access branded content, timely information, promotional opportunities discounts, retail location finders, sales opportunities or a variety of other branded interactions.

The SnapTag itself is created with a brand logo or icon encircled by discrete encoding schemes. Each encoding scheme corresponds to a predetermined response. When photographed with a camera phone and sent to a predetermined phone number or email address, SpyderLynk’s mobile image recognition technology decodes the SnapTag, returning the corresponding data or response to the phone via SMS or MMS message.

According to SpyderLynk, once encoded and placed on any surface or marketing materials with a call to action, a company can offer consumers an immediate engagement rather than relying on the power of the marketing message to drive a later response.

The beer is the first consumer product to place a SnapTag directly on its packaging, in the form of its logo.

“We wanted to reach our potential consumers where they are, and that’s on their cell phones,” noted Glenn Knippenberg, president of AC Golden Brewing Co., which is based in Golden, Colo. “Our goal is to talk with our consumers about things that are relevant to them, instead of having a monologue where we just push messages at them. And in our ongoing interactions with them, they’ll end up ultimately defining the brand for us.”

In addition to SnapTags, Colorado Native will have a strong online presence in appropriate social media networks in addition to its own mini-game, in which legal-drinking-age skiers and mountain bikers are encourage to think up creative ways to get out of I-70 mountain traffic as fast as possible.

Made with barley from the Colorado’s San Luis Valley, water from the state’s mountains, and hops from local growers, Colorado Native is sold throughout its home state in bottles and on draft. The suggested retail price is $8.49 to $8.99 for a six-pack.