Coffee for Health

Many view coffee as an early-morning necessity, but how about as a health food? Health is Wealth’s Nutriccino and Vitamin Coffee iced coffee drinks are the first in the category to combine a caffeine kick with 100 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamins per bottle, plus calcium and vitamin E, according to the Williamstown, N.J.-based company. Available in low-fat Mocha and low-fat Vanilla Latte flavors, each 9.5-ounce bottle offers the daily recommended values of vitamins A, C and D and all of the B vitamins, in addition to niacin, folic acid and biotin. Additionally, Nutriccino’s 190 calories and 3 grams of fat per bottle compare with other iced coffee drinks on the market. Vitamin Coffee, meanwhile, is infused with 100 percent of the same daily vitamins as Nutriccino, but also offers guarana and ginseng. The beverage comes in Vanilla Latte flavor. The SRP range for both products is $2.50 to $2.99 per bottle. For more information, visit