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And that is exactly the problem! Granted, we're oversimplifying to make a point; various brands showcase different features and ingredients that make each product slightly unique. But ultimately the biggest problem with all beverages is that whatever brand you or your customers buy, it all looks the same. 

Purchasing a 24 pack of water for a family event? Every bottle looks the same! Bottle confusion then yells out "I've got it from here!" while excess waste and unnecessary health risks take over. Thanks to Agua Plus, bottle confusion no longer runs the show. Just like Kim, customers all over the U.S. are finding Agua Plus and All-Scratch! Technology, the unique solution to bottle confusion. 

Simply scratch your name, initials or a picture directly on the bottle to easily identify that it belongs to you. The unique scratch ink is resistant to all of the conditions a bottle of Agua Plus may find itself: water, ice, condensation, heat, sun and mild rubbing. On top of that, each bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Does the bottled water you carry get your customers talking like Kim? If not, it should! Contact [email protected] to start carrying Agua Plus today.

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