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Bottle Confusion? AGUA PLUS has got that solved!

Every social situation, whether a gathering with friends or a public event, results in the same problem: Confusion over who a bottle belongs to. You put it down and in two seconds you forget which bottle is yours. 

Do you guess and risk the wrong one? Most would say no; who wants to risk guessing wrong and picking up a germ or virus. More likely, you grab a new bottle and create unnecessary product and packaging waste. 

Not any longer! Bottle Confusion has been solved with Agua Plus, the world’s only bottled water with the unique All-Scratch! Technology. Simply scratch your name, initials or a picture right on the bottle to easily identify it.

Agua Plus 4, 8 and 24-Packs come ready in attractive Point-of-Sale boxes with a unique product window that allows shoppers to see right through to the bottles. Shrink-wrapped 6-Packs are also available. Packaging clearly communicates the Agua Plus commitment to sustainability and the benefits of All-Scratch!™ technology. Contact (800) 697-6700 or [email protected] to start the process of bringing Agua Plus to your customers.

Remember, anyone can offer a water. Stand out in today’s market by going further and delivering your customers a SOLUTION!


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