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Associated Grocers to Expand, Remodel Warehouse and DC

BATON ROUGE, La. - Associated Grocers, Inc. here said it is expanding its warehouse and distribution center here to more than 600,000 square feet, which should allow the company to "broaden our variety of grocery, dairy, and meat products, and create additional warehouse efficiencies," according to the wholesaler’s president J.H. Campbell Jr.

The $7.3 million project will add 106,000 square feet to the warehouse and remodel another 44,300 feet. Campbell told Progressive Grocer the expanded, remodeled facility should be completed in August or September.

He explained that rather than adding new systems – Associated now has "all the bells and whistles," including voice activation, he noted – the company was interested in "utilizing the systems we already have in handling and putting away product." He characterized the expansion as a "restructuring" to bring the facilities into line with company’s current software.

When asked if the project would result in more jobs, Campbell said, "Absolutely," adding that there would be a need for people to fill such positions as auto-selectors, forklift operators, and truck drivers, as well as supervisors, although he declined to speculate how many jobs would ultimately be created.

Member-owned Associated Grocers provides a full line of groceries, in addition to accounting, advertising, equipment, marketing, merchandising, procurement, and technology services to more than 300 member food retailers in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.
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