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Agua Plus Alkaline Water with All-Scratch!™

AGUA PLUS is premium alkaline water unlike anything you’ve tried and the world's only bottled water to feature All-Scratch!™ Technology. Undergoing a 7-step purification process and bottled at a pH of 9+, Agua Plus is enhanced with added minerals & electrolytes for a smooth pristine taste and superior hydration.

Thanks to All-Scratch!™ Technology, Agua Plus has solved the issue of bottle confusion. The latest innovation to revolutionize the beverage industry, All-Scratch!™ is a unique patented scratch technology that allows a user to scratch their name, initials, an image or identifying marks directly on their bottle of Agua Plus.

Confusion over who a beverage belongs to leads to a staggering amount of excess product and packaging waste every day. It also leads to the potential for increased transmission of germs, viruses and bacteria when you can't remember which bottle is yours; leading to an elevated health risk.

Agua Plus 4, 8 and 24-Packs come ready in attractive Point-of-Sale boxes with a unique product window that allows shoppers to see right through to the bottles. Packaging also clearly communicates the Agua Plus commitment to sustainability and the benefits of All-Scratch!™.

Eliminate Confusion. Reduce Waste. Stay Healthy!

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