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10 Must-Have Features in Your Online Grocery Solution



You are in Grocery, not just retail. Don’t settle for generic eCommerce.

With the need to sell groceries online, we are continually asked what features will best benefit a store. We have the advantage of working with more than three thousand store managers and owners about their transition and growth in their online grocery sales. Freshop will share with you the features and practices that are essential when launching or moving to a new online grocery solution.

In this webinar, we will share our list and how we approach each item in the context of your store’s success. Our team members will address each of these points from their direct experience working with grocery professionals like you.

Features include:

  • POS integration and Product management
  • Weekly Ads, shoppable circular and online sale items
  • Click and Collect and Delivery options
  • Order Fulfillment tools and techniques
  • Owning your Customer experience and leveraging personal communication
  • Loyalty - online and in-store
  • Leveraging Digital Ads for revenue
  • Profitability, Metrics and Analytics
  • Best practices and support

 This presentation will include team members from Freshop:



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